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Meri showed me the importance of considering the sentiment of a user journey rather than starting with the technical. She truly helped me get things off the ground and now I’m more excited than ever about my business!

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Michael S

Meri was great in providing clear & actionable branding feedback for us. She definitely underpromised and overdelivered in our workshop. Meri makes it a point to understand the business & current goal, and tailors her recommendations based on our needs. She is very clear & communicative. I can't recommend Meri enough!

Jon L sitting on a rock looking happy
Jonathan L
Page Review

Meri’s critique was absolutely crucial in turning our generic front page into one that really captures the personality and principles of Her advice is shaping everything we do, from email notifications to blog posts, and the feedback from our customers has been amazing!

A photo of Georgia B smiling
Georgia B

Meri was a big help in revamping my landing page! She was able to give a fresh outside perspective to help me refocus my message and branding in a friendly and efficient call. The effort into getting direct feedback from potential users means you know the changes you make will improve your conversion.

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