Hi, I'm Meri

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I’ve been working in the world of brand and marketing for over a decade, and I’ve noticed the same situation happening over and over again.

You’ve got a great idea, maybe you’re even already selling stuff and have loyal fans. But how you talk about it externally isn't working. It doesn’t reflect you or your team. While you’re excited about the product, you’re not attracting the audience you wanted - you’re not gaining the revenue you wanted or maybe even losing revenue!

But you can’t quite put your finger on how to make it work.

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I believe very strongly in the power of brand, but also that most of the world of branding is hot air. I won’t ever sell you something you don’t need, and I won’t charge you through the nose for something you could do yourself.

Earthfound will help you identify your brand, and then it’s up to you to take it and run with it.

Ok, but what are your credentials?


I’ve worked for some of the top brand and design agencies in the UK, running projects for big brands you’ve probably heard of like the Co-op, Nestlé and the Tate Modern, and more niche ones you might not have like Digital Catapult, Beautiful Interactions and Learn Ink.


I’ve helped multiple teams to scale, set up the right processes and make sure they have a consistency both externally and internally. I help managers learn how to manage other humans, not other resources. I’ve done this both for my clients and for the agencies and companies I’ve been a part of.


One thing I’m really good at is talking, but crucially the other is listening. My clients consistently say that the most valuable skill I have is observing what they say and providing some objective conversation to move things forward.


I started my career as a designer. While I have a bigger skill set now, I can help you make a visual and verbal brand. One that truly reflects you and your business, engaging your all important customers and setting you up for success.

Earthfound stands for something different
in the world of creative agencies

Most people who’ve worked with me will tell you I’m a bit outspoken, I can be a pain in the ass about the details and I have a slightly unhealthy relationship with cheese.
I’m also really passionate about helping people to make the best impression as a brand that they possibly can, without huge budgets, unnecessary rules or outdated concepts.