Creating purpose for a coach with a specific niche.

A collage of business cards, a book and a journal with the impossibility coach logo and colours applied.

How do I communicate authentically?

Deciding to go and work for yourself is scary. Having confidence to unapologetically, authentically base that work on yourself is even scarier.

Kit and I worked together to define just what makes him and his approach special, what really excites him about being a coach, what his clients relate the most to and what he gets the most fulfilment from. It was clear that helping creative people overcome life hurdles that they deem to be ‘impossible’ was ultimately where his motivation lay.

Now that we had landed on a core idea, he just needed a couple of dedicated and focused workshops to refine it into a tangible foundation that he could use to underpin everything he does.

The result? Kit now has a solid brand with which to grow his client base. He knows who his audience is, the type of personality his brand should have in order to reflect him as a coach, and how to define his business with passion and confidence.

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What did I provide?

- Brand Purpose
- Basic Visual and Verbal brand identity
- Website styling