Building a homepage that customers will respond to.

Our product is great but our landing page looks like a theme template. What do we do?

This team went through a change in direction for their business as they grew. They had a custom homepage, but hadn’t put much thought into it as they were focused on their amazing product. As more of their customer base was starting to come organically through their site, they needed to efficiently update their landing page to reflect their new market position and expertise.

This page was costing them customers!

What did I provide?

- Homepage critique workshop
- Basic brand purpose & styling
- Tone of Voice assistance


Their original site wasn’t bad, but on first glance it looked like a template for any tech startup - which they are certainly not.

Contrary to what you might have heard about the ‘rules’, they actually needed  more information on there! It wasn’t clear just what a prospective customer would get by using their tool.

Also, a quick analysis of their closest competitors and industry trends showed that almost everyone was using this blue in some way or another - a sure fire way to run the risk of your customers confusing you with another brand is to use the same key colour!

Finally, the opening text was too broad - they have a super flexible product, so how could they communicate this without ‘targeting everyone’ (and therefore no one)?

The image of the website before Meri helped them improve it.

After our session, they went away and redesigned things a bit. The core content hasn’t changed, but there’s now a marked difference in that all important first impression.

They have a dynamic header which changes randomly, showing the niche use cases this tool can be applied to.

A more ownable illustration style and explainer video showing their faces helps make the brand more personable. Remember that people trust other people the most!

Most importantly, they based all their decisions around their core purpose and the audience(s) they wanted to attract.

Overall the team is really happy with their new site, and are already getting customers through it which is a great sign! Go and check out to see their site and amazing product in more detail.

Image of the website after Meri helped them improve it.