A new dance school with a purpose bigger than ego.


- How to build a dance school brand that would reflect its founder and engage its target audience

- Standing out in a sea of similar businesses

- Positioning and communicating what makes it special


- A simple but impactful visual brand that is instantly memorable and recognisable

- A new, easy-to-navigate website

- A marketing strategy built to accommodate the team's strengths

How do you market yourself when you don't have time or budget for production and editing?

When Keanu came to us with his business idea - to create a dance school that teaches people to be themselves, not clones of the teachers - it was immediately exciting. MAMI (Move and Mean It) was born from a founder with over a decade in the professional dance industry, and he wanted to build something that would provide exposure and opportunity to dance for those who wouldn't otherwise get the chance.

We built a strong brand identity with a logo mark based on the way Keanu notates his choreography (just a bunch of dots and lines and squiggles to anyone else!). The colours, font and photography choices for the brand are also very strong and confident, not afraid to authentically take up space, a feeling that MAMI hopes to instil in its dancers.

Being someone who was thoroughly let down by his formal education, just the concept of a marketing strategy was really overwhelming for Keanu and his team. So together we built options and a process that focused on completion and consistency rather than perfection. They're already seeing reach of over 5,000 on a single Instagram video, using an improvised clip filmed on a phone with no editing.

It's still very early days but watch this space for more killer stats!