Translating a personal brand into a successful teaching business.

A collage of business cards, a book and a journal with the impossibility coach logo and colours applied.

How do I build a brand that people will respond to in multiple languages?

Monica is an award-winning teacher, bilingual in English and Italian who, at the start of the worldwide pandemic in 2020 had a hard decision to make. Taking the braver but riskier option, she chose to start her own language-teaching business and needed some help to define it. Not only did it need to work in two languages, but it was really important to her that it show her dedication to bespoke and constructive learning environments.

We workshopped names that would be easily understood in both her audience’s native tongues, came up with a fundamental brand purpose that she can pin her business decisions on, and created a very simple identity. She now uses it herself to brand her own teaching resources, website and social media content.

The result? Monica is now making more per month than her initial targets, she has a loyal customer base who have recommended her so highly she has had to start a waiting list, and she is now also assisting businesses with their employees’ professional English skills, still using that tailored and accessible approach.

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What did I provide?

- Naming
- Brand Purpose
- Basic Visual and Verbal brand identity
- Website styling