Changing the approach from technical to emotional to build a brand that people will remember.

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What do you do when the product you’ve started building doesn’t match the brand you wanted to create?

Michael is a man with a strong product vision - to create the best professional mentorship platform and encourage job fulfilment. He knew from day one what he was trying to achieve, had a great idea and found a technical team to start building mockups for him. But weeks into the work, he ended up with a basic design that looked like a cross between The Guardian and LinkedIn.
Spoiler - this wasn’t what he was going for.

Recommended to me, we had a conversation about what he was trying to achieve. Not the product itself, but what was the experience he wanted people to take away from it? This uncovered the real reason he was excited about the project, empowering people to take ownership of their career journey with the right expert help, and allowed us to create a really engaging and specific brand foundation for the business.

Now, still in development, this platform is receiving a lot of interest, about to go into a Beta test and I have great confidence that it could change the world of work for many people in future. Because who doesn’t want to feel more fulfilled at work?

Website coming soon!

What did I provide?

- Brand Purpose
- Basic Visual and Verbal Brand Identity
- UX / UI Consultation
- Lead Generation Assistance
- Beta Website Styling